CMS for the poor ... how can I update content?

Hi there,
Complete Flash novice here - sorry 'bout that.

Okay - can anyone give me some pointers. I wish to create a simple website for a client. An art gallery site. The budget is stunningly minimal and so I can’t put a lot of oomph in to it and make a dollar.

The client wants the ability to update content. Definitely text and possibly images ( but not neccessarily so). Can Flash allow my client to do this - say from a Word Document or Notepad or whatever.

If so - can you tell me how or point me to some good links? How does he get the Word Doc to update a website - and especially as he will be a complete knobhead when it comes to web - so Cute FTP, WS FTP etc are probably a non starter.

So - tell me folks - is there a cheap as chips way of doing this with some clever code that means I don’t need databases and ASP etc?

The first person to respond with a coherent answer that I can understand without running for the dictionary, will recieve my forever grateful award.

ps . just found this site - and what a blinder it is! Neat, clean design and moreover tutorials that I can understand. Nice one.


okay i am 2 lazy to read all posts so im just gonna but my answer sorry if its already been put

the best way to do this is with a series of txt files loaded in to flash. if you want some files to help you start just give me a mail - [email protected]