Coast to Coast

Anybody listen to this talk show?. If anyone doesn’t know, it’s a show that talks about the paranornal with some credible and some not so credible daily guests. I found myself listening to this one night and got hooked, thinking that the things they talk about may actually exist.

So.Did anyone catch monday’s show?. The one about Richard C. Hoagland finding a strange object shaped like a head on the moon (the picture is on the link). If not I’m sure theres a free broadcast link somewhere around.

I only caught the 1st half and they basicly were talking about how he found it and that it was not a fake. The pictures he looked at was taken during the apollo 17 mission. He confirmed it wasn’t a fake when he asked for the digital analogues from NASA and they revealed the same thing.

Hoagland calls it the great secret of Apollo 17. They further discuss the coindcidences of the moon landing and the locations of these strange objects and how the U.S government during the middle of the Iraq war suddenly declares they are going to the moon. Also that the current director of NASA is one of the astronauts responsible for taking the images.

… interesting