Code Editor for Beginners?

I need help on getting a good code editor in which I can preview HTML with JavaScript in it. I have tried Atom, but it seems like you can not preview HTML, and I have tried Notebook++ but it didn’t work for varying reasons. What code editor do you recommend that CAN preview HTML without needing add-ons? By the way if anyone here is bored you can go to my YouTube channel:

I’ve never used it (shush, you!) but there’s Adobe Edge Code:

Generally, though, I always preview in the browser since that’s exactly where its going to end up so always the best representation of what you’re going to get.

Adobe Edge Code since you want something that works out-of-the-box with HTML preview.

If that doesn’t work for you, I would say still give Atom a shot. It’s what I use, but I do have the Preview HTML package installed alongside it: :slight_smile:

One of the online editors like seems like it would be great for beginners. They feature all sorts of preview functionality, plus conveniences for adding common libraries without a lot of fuss.

When I download the zip file what do I do with it?

Unzip it and then double click on whatever came out of the zip file.

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But multiple things come out of the folder.

Hey, Kirupa they said they discontinued adobe edge to continue brackets. Does brackets have html preview, too?

Yes, use brackets. Its basically the same.

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^ Made with brackets