Collection of Resources for using IDEs for Web Development


Hi, everyone!
I realized there is always a shortage of resources around using IDEs for web development. I figured, we can use this thread to collect informative videos and articles that you all may find useful :slight_smile:

If you have additional resources, post them below and I"ll add them up here!



I recently purchased your JavaScript - Absolute Beginners Guide to compliment my web development course and would like to share with you and your readers a wonderful text editor called Brackets. This editor offers live preview which I found extremely useful especially for beginners. You can find more information on Bracket’s website at


Thanks for sharing that, @Miffy! Brackets is awesome. Updating the original post to mention some articles around how to use it :slight_smile:


PineGrow 3 which has not been officially launched (site , docs, etc., still to come (September? )) is looking pretty nice with its updated UI/UX from version 2. You can also use PineGrow + Atom together. Hopefully, it’s built in code editor will + should still get further features/updates/polishing as v3 matures (hopefully?).

Also here are some videos for Brackets that may help someone along with that app.

I am also really excited for Tandem UI Builder to launch, looks like a great concept / project.


^ Were those suggestions misplaced and not relative? :upside_down_face:


Haha! Not at all. They were great, and I just merged them into the first post :slight_smile:


Pinegrow version 4 Overview Video –

:evergreen_tree: Check out the video or Pinegrow’s main site to see all features.