Code not working for me for page 43 of JavaScript Absolute Beginners Guide book

I registered the book at Pearson and did not find any link to download the code used in the samples in the book. Is the code available elsewhere? I wrote the code on page 43 into Brackets and it did not work. Neither alert displays in the browser. I double checked the code and it appears correct.
I think the code needs to be written slightly different for this section: if (speed) >= speedLimit)Using the >= will result in an alert that a person is speeding if they are traveling at a speed of 55 because that is equal to the speed limit. I think it should only use the >
Below is my code:

Are you speeding?


I figured it out.

Hey mate,
All writers make typo’s…

Sometimes you can write code so basic that you don’t test it , because you know that the it works… BUT it has a small typo… and when you run it, you get an error/ unexpected behavior and immediately know the typo…

But you forget that beginners don’t know how to debug code or immediately recognize the error and they get frustrated and angry that it doesn’t work…

Kirupa uses the profit from his books to keep this forum online and has for over 20 years… So hats off to him for providing such a awesome resource for beginners and a great community… :slightly_smiling_face: