mistakes in Absolute Beginner's guide 2nd Edition

Only 40% through the book but I have notice there to be some mistakes and I am just wondering where is the best place to report them ?

eg: calculation on page 156 is incorrect as the total amount should be 78 not 31
Page 171 the author refer to the wrong variable ( Should be Batman )

nm, just looking at the ‘website’ version and I think both have been corrected hence i assume anymore mistakes will be sorted on the 3rd edition.

Hi @ninedeadeyes - thanks for pointing these issues out! These will be fixed in the upcoming 3rd edition, which I’ve started work on. I’ll contact you separately once it is available and mail you a free copy :package:

Also, if you have any general feedback on topics you’d like to see covered or covered differently, do let me know as well.


Thank you,

If you need any feedback on your book let me know. I am more than happy to provide, For example : you use a ‘slice’ method on page 152 without explaining what it does ( i guess people can go on the internet to find it out but it kind of defeat the object of using a text book in the first place )

That is another great find! Page 164 covers it, but that doesn’t help since it comes after you saw it in this Arrays chapter. I will update that example.


Just to let you know a very minor mistake on page 294 which doesn’t seem to have been updated on the website either. I am assuming it should be ‘left with bar, baz and zorb’ and not just ‘bar and zorb’ as you’ve added 4 class in the previous page within the ‘Adding Class Values’ code snippet.

Thanks for catching this! I have updated this in the equivalent article on the site and marked it for fixing in the next print edition :slight_smile:

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