I want to be a software developer. i have applied for various developer boot camps but they all require i pass a JavaScript or java entrance test. After weeks of studying tutorials like w3schools, i attempted 2 entry test but failed.
Here’s 3 examples of questions they asked.

  1. given the input name kirupa, write a program who’s output is kiruap.
  2. given positive integers 1,4,7,3,4,6 write a program that finds the repeated number, if none output -1,
  3. given a string like " i love javascript" write a program that returns the longest word, output is javascript.

i feel like this tutorials did not prepare me for the test, i learnt loops and functions, how did you guys get started?
How do i get started ?
Do you have or know any resource you can refer me to?

Tutorials are a good way to get going. There are a ton out there, though, and it can be hard to know what works best. Books are the same way - and some of those you can even find free online., here, has a little bit of both :slight_smile:

Places like and are pretty good - videos and tutorials including some interactive exercises where you code in the browser. And for those little things that don’t include tutorials, but let you challenge yourself on questions like those you mentioned, there’s You can even see how others have answered problems to learn from their approaches (just know that they’re not all good ;))


codewars seems quite fun. I’m starting to earn kyu whatever that is? :smiley:

There is a similar page that I’ve used a while ago: The main difference seems to be that you supply files instead of coding in the browser? (It is possible to code in the browser)

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The best way for me was to just start writing programs and then looking up things I didn’t know as they arose.


You also have places like leetcode and hackerrank which I’ve found people studying for programming job interviews spends hours on :stuck_out_tongue: