How difficult is Javascript?

Okay , I already have programming fundamentals(did a bit of csharp and very basic java …). But iam really interested in website development. Html and CSS and photoshop are what i best know on this planet lol. Today i had a look at a very fancy javascript image slide show code, 14000 characters long it was,i could not even try to read that… customized error alert like during form filling are also very long. I think it would be hard to code that without glancing anywhere.(I know how to validate most fields with default browser prompt.) Do people code that?? Or just copy from i dont know libraries or online free source codes? Cause if I could have copied that others may. I also need tips …like what to more focus on…thank you

Knowing CSharp and Java help, but JavaScript has its own set of concepts that don’t map well to other languages. The biggest areas are relating to the DOM. I would suggest you take an hour or so and go through the material under “The DOM” here:

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