CoffeeHouse site redesign

Hello guys!

I need to RE-design this site. I have been trying all morning but I can’t come up with something good. Any suggestions?

well, probably anything different than what is already there would be an improvement. :stuck_out_tongue:

are you going full flash with it? partly? what are your skills?


PS my cousin’s a teacher in Laredo

I’m seeing an animated expresso machine with nobs and dials going to different pages, maybe a cloud of steam (from the steamer ofcourse) as the transition. and lots of coffee noises. a good loop can be made from like 2 mins of rush hour coffee shop noise. you could always keep the HTML side as is, or with a few changes, and go almost full flash… go bandwidth go!

I wouldn’t go full flash but that’s just me.

I don’t really have any ideas for you but whatever you do, don’t use this kind of colour scheme.

“my eyes!” :lol:

I want to do everything on HTML, maybe just a banner across the page in Flash. I’m reDesigning this site for free. I just want it to look alright. This is what I got so far… gotta fix those buttons though.

whoa! hold on. Why would you even redesign it for free. I mean there’s really nothing wrong with that site as is.

thanks 3rd eye. that sounds like an awesome idea! i’m gonna offer another coffeehouse on town my services and this time i’ll charge, i will try to put what you said into practice.

hey Ryall, i work for a school district. maybe i know your cousin.

Canadian guy: i want to include it in my portfolio without feeling ashamed. i had an imagination blockage when I did it. dont know what happened. :h:

but here’s the reDesign, any suggestions?



sooooo… any suggestions about the reDesigned site? :pa:

looks real good for free!

ok ok. lemme see…

what would I do so it wouldn’t look good for free. how could I make it look professional and that it was expensive?

I want to design sites that look expensive to I can start charging. I want to be satisfied with my work. Please comment.

one thing i see - is that the green on your images, doesn’t match your html green - there are two different shades going on.

what browser are you using?

that kind of comments are useless and go directly to the garbage can, Im surprised any of the mods said something…(my mistake if none of the mods have seen this thread)

Anyway, it´s looking better but it´s not a good idea to change the font when u rollover a button, also, the top-right corner looks too empty…keep working on it! :slight_smile:

the browser wont change anything… if the hex-deci values match it should match regardless :wink:


PS my cousin works for a private school

Yeh it looks bad when you roll over the words and they change font. and shrink.

apart from that its heaps better than the old one.

As for doing it for free… :\

Just charge a small ammount so your at least getting something for your efforts and raise the price when you get more clients and more experience.

I’m doing a site for a local fitness center right now and I’m charging like $200 (aus). Even though I know the people (which is why they are getting me to do it) they still felt they should pay me something. If these guys wont pay you anything (or at least give you free coffee… mmm.) then you are getting ripped off and will continue to.


I like the remake, but in my humble opinion you should:
1 - Change the font; it’s odd that it shrinks when you roll over
2 - Take out the vector logo on the right hand top, with the white square, it doesn’t match
3 - Go with something of a light brown or tan variety to match a coffee house.

Just my two cents.

Yeh, green screams “mexican resteraunt” to me. Not really coffee

That looks great! I love the green! From the pictures that I’ve seen of that place I think it fits well.

The only thing I’m not digging is the Every tuesday font, it doesn’t look terrible but it could be better.