Opinions/Suggestions on my new site design

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on this for a while but what do you think I should imporve on?


Thank you kindly in advance

quite nice not my cup of tea coz it hurts my eyes when it skips to the next page but thats prob due to staring at screens to long also u could make ur buttons a bit cooler seems just to be a bit tucked away but wotever turns u on.


its nice, but it seems you could have done some of the stuff in html. too much flash, makes it a big file name, meaning laggy. i found it a bit slow when you were going from one part of the site to another…
but good. :chinaman:

First things that jumped out at me is your buttons seem out of place in there orientation and design. Make them cooler and find away to connect them to your scroll they seem out of place. Also those grey boxes are out of place too. The look odd. Some of your text is hard to read as some areas blend with the background. When designing shoot for the lowest common denomator. A person with slight colorblindness would have trouble with your site dues to the contrast of the text with the bgrd in certain areas. Not good because most big spenders are color blind. heehee that is my personal statistic. I dont wanna sound negative but the site lacks a consist style. It seems that you have combined many tutorials and components into a site. IMO.

Also your portfolio has 2 sites. Not good. Do some freebies or make up sites to add to your portfolio. You are advertising alot. In your services. So your portfolio should reflect that. Yeah those bgrd pics are distracting.

I do no mean to bash your site but this site is obviously in production so I think you should do some polishing of the image, since you are presenting your self as a design professional. Things are not adding up the way they are.

why not make it kinda more professional if ur a web design company u obviously got the skills to do it so make it more pro like less imagery and more information friendly kinda i cant explain it really liek have enough flash to show your customers what your capable of in flash but also keepin it clean like the scrolling images idea is fun but i wouldnt hire sum1 to build me a site with that its more a personal thing i feel. like look at som other design company sites that are around but keep it up i can see a awesome design comp site in the making. and yeah as i sed b4 ad 3d sed change the buttons incorporate them into the whole flash maybe a nav bar or summet


Thank you kindly guys…

I’ll work on those things

I would appreciate some suggestions on how to improve the buttons… I draw a blank for some reason… nothing comes to mind :frowning:

Thank you in advance

ok updated…

how about now? :slight_smile:

Try small square pics… I like the site overall but the logo font and layout is too close to GLdesign http://www.greg.ch

Just my opinion

are you kidding about the logo?

I cant see how you can be serious

:q: :q: :q: :q: :q: :q: :q:

I agree with ivcho… apples and oranges my man… apple and oranges…

not even same font, same style, not ah, I say… not ah.

Like I said just my opinion… like a$$holes everbody has one.

the graphic under your name looks exactly like Superman…

just my opinion

I’m not trying to flame. You said that the font of the logo was like mr. gregory’s logo… I’m just stating no, I believe it’s nothing like his font… Now I could be wrong… it could be but I never meant to offend you…

No offense taken, from you or superboy!

“less is more”
“god is in the details”
“if it doesnt directly help your theme it takes away from it”

3 quick design quotes i immediatly thought of when critically viewing your site…

i could get into details, but i think you get the point?