hey everyone,
I am sure you’re aware of my disappointment with the “Village” from the other thread.
I have gone to see this Tom Cruise - Jamie Foxx collaboration, and must say that I was happy. You get what you pay for, good characters, good plot and enough action to live up to it’s summer billing. I don’t want to give too much away, and while it will not be a “Tom Cruise Classic” like Top Gun, it will be good if you are planning to see it with the boys or take a date.

:open_mouth: really? it was good?

I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise… the trailer seemed like another one of those movies… Heh, i’ll go watch it anyway.

Yeah im looking forward to seeing this movie next week when it starts i might see Harold and Kumar go to White Castle tonight so ill post my thoughts tomorrow , i hope i laugh my @zz off.

[font=‘Times New Roman’][font=Verdana][size=2]This was a great movie Tom did a great job of villain. And I think the trailer dose not give it justice. There are some twists and even had a few funny parts in it backed up with much action.:cool: [/size][/font][/font]

I LOVED the movie, I thought it was really good! :slight_smile:

I saw it last night. I thought the whole movie was pretty good, though the ending was a bit lacking. It was an overall good presentation and one that I’d recommend. Not exactly the blockbuster movie of the summer, but one worth seeing.

I loved this flick. I saw it this weekend.

I think Tom Cruise really played a great role and it was awesome to see him as the bad guy and not some guy with a squeeky clean image. I think my favorite parts though were the conversations between his character and Jamie Foxx’s in the cab. The dialog in this movie was just awesome. Also, the camera work was top notch - they did a great job with this movie.

:thumb:Two Thumbs Way Up!:thumb:

The movie was good, although I agree that the very end lacked a little. but the chase was very entertaining. Creative plot + good action makes it a good movie.

meh… I liked it, but it seemed like some parts dragged on. Anyone else want to get a bacardi silver after the movie was over? It had some inner plot twists but you knew where he would end up in the end after about 10 minutes. Was good. maybe a renter.

Ethan, I don’t think you and I could ever go see movies together. I like too many that you don’t :slight_smile:

And yes, I would have joined your for a Bacardi Silver after :wink: