Color Fade Stops All Tweening

Ahh, I’m really sweating here and any help would be appreciated. I’ve set up a movie clip on the main stage with three other movie clips inside it called left, middle, and right. Now, I used the following color fading script:
to call “fadeRGB” on the three movie clips inside the other clip in order to make them change color. This works fine. But, after they are faded, the movie clip which contains the three has a bunch of tweens of the three clips moving around, but after the fade all calls of gotoAndPlay on the containing movieclip result in nothing happening. Before I call the fade function, the tweening works without a hitch. Really in need of help, anyone have any ideas?


where from do you call your gotoAndPlay? are you sure the path you used is fine?

yeah the path is fine, because when i call the path before the fade it works no problem… any ideas?

after you call gotoAndPlay you should put trace(“succeed”); then you’ll know either the call is being executed or not… if it’s not, there’s your problem…

You could try this;
Give your frame 2 a frame label “faded” [size=1] (without quotes)[/size]
Then put


in the else statement of the transShift prototype.
Hope that helps [size=1] and works, LOL[/size]