Color Matching

I have used #D0D0D0 color for my GIFs background, when I imported the same gif in Flash and gave same color as Flash Movie background, both appears to be entirely diffrent.

Can anyone please help me, how can I match colors of Photoshop and Flash:sigh:

No clue, I think it has something to do with your color settings of your monitor or that you are saving in Photoshop.

I knew someone that had the same problem, and when they sent me the file I didn’t see any problem.

They fixed it, but I have no clue how.

i have the same prob.
if i make a nice flash movie with a backgroundcollor
of lets say #CC0011 and i use the same code in
dreamweaver, i don’t get the excact same collor,
and both aplications are from Macromedia :sigh:

sometimes when you create a gif and you choose a high-compressing level (few colors) the colors on the gif are slightly altered to mach the specified color numbers. Maybe that happened to your gif:-\

You can do one of these two things:

1.1 - choose more colors (ex: 32 to 64 or 64 to 128) for the compression.

1.2 - select exact colors for the compression.

2 - use the gif as it is, and on flash use your color pick tool (shortcut i) to find the closest color in flash for the color in the background of your gif.


i know theres a software called PIXELSPY that can match the colors exactly …maybe can do a search from

but i dunno which company made it.