Color my drawing! And look at me!

Photoshop it is pretty simple I just used alot of layers with different blending modes I also gave it a bit of a bevel.

Nice try - theres no way you can command me to do something ;).

So where do I collect my prize?

Oh yeah thats a medal winner!

Thanks for the link smart guy.

Sharif-What if i brainwash you :wink:

Blabj - One you pass kindergarden ill give you a medal, that is where they teach you how to color inside lines right? Lol j/k

LOL :smiley:

To be honest I thought you were Japanese as well.
If you people manage to get 100 signatures, I’ll put up my pic as well. And I just KNOW that’s not going to happen, so no cheek-pinching for me :p:

EDIT: Didn’t notice there was a second page :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha tell me another one :D!


  • Sharif

He plays with nintendo. Comon what do you expect.

Lol J/K.

Aren’t you the same age Sharif :wink:

But hey, Vdam, that looks great! I’m gonna give one a shot!

id post my picture but:

a.) your screen would crack


b.) you would run away and wash your eyes out (hopefully not with shampoo…or soap…or brake cleaner…or anything but water mostly)

does that thing really look like invader zim? is he melted or something?

Whoops… Here is the best of the best blob thing :slight_smile:


well… its colored… didnt u learn how to color inside the lines when u were little?

tsk tsk

[swf=]width=40 height=31[/swf]

I forgot the ears :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that’s cool :thumb:

Master, thats awesome lol. Cool.

-Tucker, the tounge is the only Zim-Inspired thing.

-Grinch… Color it plz!

Man I can’t make it look right, well I tried!

AAAAAAAAAAWWWW! O well. Your footter is funny. I hate DIET though. Barf

Sushi is delish!
Japanese food rocks.

With ya 100% bro

sushi is lovely! i love sushi, and i would have it everyday if i could :slight_smile:

Yeees Yeees!!! The Sushi!!!