Color my drawing! And look at me!

I didn’t put this in battle cuz it isnt one… but it would be cool if you guys could color this drawing i made… it’s not that great but i like it

Also… Look at me! The first picture on kirupa of me ever!

wow, u look very young, I thought u were older

He plays with nintendo. Comon what do you expect.

Lol J/K.

How old are you anyways?

14 with the brain of a cybernetically-encanced 30yr old

So cmon! Someone color that blob!

I guess that means all you x-boxers are hairy sasquatches huh? Like grubs?

:wink: payback is sweet

I always thought you were Japanese…

What is up with people and their arichitypal view of people who love sushi!!!

Will someone color the blob? Cmon!

that was a payback?.. :sure:

Hehe the blob is cool here is my shot at it

lol thanks Vdaminator, i like it! =)
But just to let you know, the things that look like teeth are actually a little tounge, but i think the teeth work fine too

//You x-boxers don’t watch nearly enough invader zim… buy the DVD NOOOOW!

Invader Zim? No my friend, I think you watch too much of it.

You dare insult the ZIM!!! Anyways… the whole point of this thread was to color the blob, so you guys can stop perstering me

lol, hey I was just responding to a comment made to “x-boxers.” But okay, I’ll stop here.

revised hehe

That’s guys is good.

P.S. Sushi you cute little bugger you. I’d pinch your cheeks if you were here!

lol! i like the blinking… And the whole cheek-pinching thing i’m fine to live without.

Rofl - typical nintendo joke :sure:.

VD, what program did you use to color that?

Ok cmon’ Sharif… stop beating on me!

Lol alright :P.

sharif… I COMMAND YOU… to color my blob! :wink: