ColorMatrixFilter, Blending, Bitmaps

Solved HERE:

My experiment is here:

It’s a mashup from two inspirations. Basically I’m using PV3D to add pixels to the scene everyframe and I have an BitmapEffectLayer handling their display. At the moment I am using a ColorMatrixFilter to fade out the pixels each frame and then add new ones. This is great but I also want additive blending (so when many pixels are on top of each other they turn white).

The original 2D version of this basically added the particles color to the original pixel color creating an additive blend. But I can’t do that in 3D!!! Once the old pixels have been drawn they go to the BitmapEffectLayerand are rendered in 2D… but I can go from 2D back to 3D again… I hope I have explained my problem clearly… also even if I could my skill doesn’t permit me to do it…

Any help would be appreciated… you can fork my code on wonderfl as a reply :wink: