Combining Variables, Concatenate?

I am trying to set up a flash where people type in their screen name and that becomes part of an address they are then directed to: (i.e. name)

The screen name would function like a directory. So far, I can have it throw back the part, but it stops there and doesn’t add on the screen name. I have tried several things including assigning [url=“”] to a variable and just trying to add a variable for the screen name to it. Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?

getURL(“” + screenName, * target*);

<a href="http://(""+name)">(“”+name)</a>

That is what happens when I tried it. Actually what I am looking for is 3 parts.

I want to have:

[url=“http://”] + name +

from what you gave I assume it would be

getURL("<a href=“http://”">"</a> + screenName + “”)

…god this is frustrating lol

Beginning of the urls and action for get url should have an [url=“http://”] but ezboard likes to play games I see

It works now, just had to check the expression box. Thanks

sometimes i wonder if “normal” mode actually makes things easier. ; )