Concatenate 2 text variables to a URL!

I have 3 dyanmic text boxes as variables.
textbox1: var1=
textbox2: var2=/cgi-bin/filedb?openform
textbox3: “<A HREF” + var1 + var2 + “>” clickhere “</A>”
"A HREF + var1 + var2 + " " clickhere “/A” (just
incase if you don’t see html tag)

In the browser, I see clickhere, when i click, its taking me to
p.s: I declared only textbox3 as HTML (in panel, textoptions, checked HTML only for textbox3)

Please help.

textbox3: “clickhere

i think the board mangled your post, but it looks like you have var1+var2 enclosed in quotes, so they’re being interpreted literally - which is not what you want.

the above should work.