Combo box link assignment

A real quickie for you actionscript heavyweights, not so for pre-evolutionaries.

I have a combo box and I want to assign an html link to each of the items in the box, without using a go button. Each time the item is selected the browser is re-directed automatically.

Any help will be, well help.

Please respond in monkey proof language, as my brain hurts from my mother ******* cpu.


not entirerly sure, but i think u’ll find the answer for ur question at

it’s basically the same sort of deal that u’re after, even tho it’s for a listbox, the comboboxes work the same way, instead of making loading a variable, u could use a getUrl action … i think …

this is all theortical to me cuz i’ve never actually done this before … so i hope it works, if not … sorry =)