Combo box problem. HELP

[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica][SIZE=2]Hi, im having a strange problem with a combobox.

I have a layer called SCRIPT and on the first frame i put an actionscript that attach a movieclip (attachMovie). After i attach that movie clip i set the _x and _y coordinates to a specific place. This movie clip has a combo box inside.

On another layer i have a button, when you click on this button i attach a movie clip (attatchMovie), this is the same movieclip i attached before on the first frame of SCRIPT layer.

Here is the problem, when you click on the button for second time the movieclip attached go to coordinates 0,0.

I would like to know WHY IS THAT???

but, if a open the movieclip and delete the combobox everything works fine.

Please somebody help me.

Im including a very simple fla file to illstrate the problem, feel free to download it to see what im talking about.