Communicating with a XML web service

I am a complete newbie with web services and etc and I need to connect to a web service and call back xml data and all I get so far is undefined :frowning:

My code looks like the following:


blackBox_mc._visible = false;

myWebService = new WebService("http://link_to_webservice");
result2_txt.text = myWebService;
callback2 = myWebService.GetWeather("1234");

callback2.onResult = function(result)
  blackBox_mc._visible = true;

The result to be pulled back is xml data like following:

<WeatherInfoData xmlns="http://address/WeatherInfoData.xsd">
    <weather>Katy Test V2</weather>

Is there anything wrong with my web services call? At the moment when it connects I just want a box to turn on and then later on find a way of splitting up the xml data and producing results.

Any help would be great as I am running in circles reading books and tutorials! :yoda: