Communicating with loaded movies

A problem that I’m having is that any movie I load into my main swf (regardless if I load it into an empty MC or just a higher level) my mouse still recognizes buttons that are underneath the loaded swf. This can be confusing to the viewer as the pointer turns to essentially an invisible button because you can’t see the underlying button. Is there anyway to make the Flash player not recognize buttons underneath loaded SWF’s or do I have to turn to invisible upon load?

Also, I’m having trouble getting the loaded swf to communicate with the main movie that loaded it. I think I need to use the parent action but I’m not sure how. I’m trying to use code that is created and contained in the movie that it loaded, is this correct?

Thanks to anyone that helps me in these Flash perils…


Turning the buttons to _visible = 0; would do the trick, another way would be to make an mc ( instead of a button), this code:
[AS]instancename.onRelease = function(){
whatever action you want

will make it an active button, when your movie is loaded just use[AS]instanceName.enabled = 0;[/AS]
to render it inactive. This will only work in MX and not in f5

Not certain what you mean by the second part of your Q, might be an idea to post your code so that people can see what is going on



Thanks for the response…

I guess I kind of figured that I would have hide those buttons so they couldn’t be recongnized.

The second part question was mostly a question on how I can get those buttons to reappear once I unload the the loaded movie. So basically when I click a button on the loaded movie and it dissappears, I will then need those buttons on the main movie to reappear. I was just trying to figure out how I go about targeting those buttons on the main timeline to reappear from the loaded movie that will be dissappearing.


try :
_level0.instanceName._visible = 1;
} [/AS]

if you are using mc’s:
[AS]_level0.instancename.enabled = 1;[/AS]

The code goes on your button in the loaded movie before whatever action you use to make the loaded movie disappear

Hope that helps