Communication between swfs using LocalConnection

Hello all,
I have the following scenario: one swf has a series of buttons that send play commands to 10 other swfs in the same html page (no frames). After some googling I found out swf to swf communication is done via LocalConnection. ( ) Problem is:

a) every example I found is passing text strings from one swf to the other (what is written in the form field in transmitter swf 1 is echoed at receiver swf 2. I don’t want to pass text, just want transmitter swf 1 send a play action to receiver swf2 that is waiting stuck at a stop action. What is the syntax for this?

b) all examples also have one swf sending to only one other. how do I differentiate which one of my 10 receiving swfs actually performs the above play action?

I suspect this is a very easy thing but being a total AS noob I can’t figure it out at all…


Actionscript v.2.0 for [Flash 8]