Comparing array object with XML node

thnx for reading,
here is my question:
ive got a node of an xml and i assign it as below:
_root.Original = nodes*.childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;

and i have an array with some info in it:
_root.stateCoords = new Array();
stateCoords[0] = {stateName:“state1”, state_x:120, state_y:135};

so I want to compare those two to see whether it is the same such as below:
//let say that the xml node contains “state1”
if(_root.Original == _root.stateCoords[0].stateName){
//do something

but whenever i do that, it return the value as false, i mean if i:
trace(_root.Original == _root.stateCoords[0].stateName);
it will return it as false.

I dont know what i am doing wrong. Could you help me with it?

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