Comparing XML with variable in AS2

Hi Kirupa’ers,
I hope you all can help me in this kind of problem

I doing some map tracking which I want to set the coordinates of state1 and state2 as:
state1_x = 100;
state1_y = 200;
state2_x = 200;
state2_y = 200;

at this point, my first question is = should i put state1 as an object that contains state1_x and state1_y?

OK, then i extract some info from file.xml about the originState and destinationState which originState contains “state1” and destinationState contains “state2”

so the second question is = what should i do to compare the node value ive gotten from the xml which i the return value is “state1xml” with the state1 (in question1)I intended to have in flash?

what i have in mind is in pseudocode as:

compare the state1xml with state1
set _root.stateOrigin_x = state1_x;
set _root.stateOrigin_y = state1_y;

Sorry if somehow my explanation confuse you all, post any inquiries regarding my questions.
Any replies are followed with millions of thanks.