Comparison of Technologies

Hi everyone, i’m university student and i’m about to do start on my mini paper (a discussion based on two technologies), and i’ve decided on comparing flash to java applets for interaction on web sites.

The problem i’m having is finding sources, both white papers and general opinions, so i thought i’d ask you guys if (a) you have opions on the subject (b) if you know where i can get some decent sources from?

When i say interactivity, i’m thinking more on the lines of multimedia apps, games and things that cant be done in standard html. Im not so bothered about object oriented databases etc, just more of where the tachnologies can be compared.

My knowledge on both techs is i’d say beginner to intermediate, so i have a grasp on what both can do, but unfortunately, my opinion counts for nothing!

Any help would seriously be appreciated, my draft is due in soon so i need to get on track.