Completed Modified Slideshow

Hey everyone.
I just thought I would share my completed slideshow.
*Fade in and out transitions
*Flash auto-resizes slides and thumbnails (So only need 1 image, not 2)
*Pause, play, next and previous buttons
*Thumbnails keep scrolling once they hit the begiining or end
*Clicking on a thumbnail, next or previous pauses the slideshow
*When slideshow hits the end, starts over
*Clicking on slide opens a new window with that image
*Uses mysql and php to get the images from a database
*Uses php_source so can have as many slideshows as you want, using 1 swf file.
*Preloader hidden (can be showed easily)

The zip includes the html file, the php file and fla file.
Special Thanks to Stringy, Scotty, Kirupa, Zaid_W1red and prolly a bunch of others.
Just thought I would share it for anyone else looking for any of those features.
BTW, the coding might not be the best, I did my best. It all works, but prolly a bunch of useless code or something in there.