Complicated question (imo)! :D

hi, heres an explanation of what i want.

i have a frame with a movieclip. this movieclip is 15 frames long. what i want is an external swf to be loaded. the code is on a different layer of the same frame. but i dont want to load it untill the movieclip has reached frame 15. but i cant simply put the code at the end of the movieclip because i’m using the same transition for other frames, but loading different swf’s. and i dont want to make like 10 versions of the same movieclip just to change the code at the end.
is there anyway of loading something once a movieclip has ended/reached a certain frame, but from the root frame?

if it doesnt make sense, i’ll try to explain more.

so i’m looking for something like… umm…

[non-actionscript talk!][color=red]once movieclip “transition” has reached frame (15)[/color]
load external movie “movie.swf”[/non-actionscript talk!]

i know the code for loading the swf. i just need the code in [color=red]red[/color]

thanks for any help.

give us your fla then :wink:

the fla is too big. and my host is down.

basically, i want a frame action to load an external swf (that i can do) but i want it to be delayed. all on one frame.

can it be done?

Like this maybe???

Go to the “actions” layer and look at where you can add the swf you wanna load in.

hope this helps

thanks. someone at flash kit just helped me too.

your fla has an error in it. everytime i test it says undefined, repeated.

thanks again though.

it says undefined cos u need to specify the clip you need to load in…

i did.

it loaded the movieclip, but still had the undefined error.

I modified hga77’s sample a little and it’s working now


Nothing, I just simplified it a bit.
The “undefined” message comes, because you define your variable in frame 15 of the clip.
If you put “_global.frame = 0” in the first frame of your movie (I also forgot that one:-\ ) you get rid of the “undefined”.
I didn’t test it with swf’s, what’s acting funny?


i dunno…cartoonfox was saying there’s an error or something!

When I tested it, it was fine! Apart from a single swf that just did’nt want to load. dunno why!!! It works on the others.

thanks anyway scotty

No problem
We just wait till cartoonfox is awake;)


Yeah…he might be having nightmares about this error anytime now :hr:

PS. cartoonfox, just wanna say, when you wake up and read this, im only kiddin :sleep: :wink: