Complicated question (imo)! :D

hi, heres an explanation of what i want.

i have a frame with a movieclip. this movieclip is 15 frames long. what i want is an external swf to be loaded. the code is on a different layer of the same frame. but i dont want to load it untill the movieclip has reached frame 15. but i cant simply put the code at the end of the movieclip because i’m using the same transition for other frames, but loading different swf’s. and i dont want to make like 10 versions of the same movieclip just to change the code at the end.
is there anyway of loading something once a movieclip has ended/reached a certain frame, but from the root frame?

if it doesnt make sense, i’ll try to explain more.

so i’m looking for something like… umm…

[non-actionscript talk!][color=red]once movieclip “transition” has reached frame (15)[/color]
load external movie “movie.swf”[/non-actionscript talk!]

i know the code for loading the swf. i just need the code in [color=red]red[/color]

thanks for any help.