Computer blips on, then does nothing

I am putting a computer together with my old parts for my dad. He bought a case and power supply and I have everything else. I put the motherboard in (which had heatsink and cpu already installed) then ram. Hooked in HDD and Floppy drive. Everything looks like it is in the right place. When I turn the PSU on, the motherboard gets it’s green ‘ok’ light. When I hit the power button on the front of the case, the blue LED power light on the front of the case and the heatsink fan starts for just a split second, then goes off.

Nothing is obstructing the fan on the CPU, and the green light stays on the mobo. I don’t hear the HDD powering on…or the PSU fan for that matter. Seems like nothing is powering up. I had an old PSU that I hooked everything in to, and it did the same thing, so it isn’t that. I have built plenty of computers, but haven’t run into this problem before. Any help would be appreciated.