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Hello - I have a quick question here.

It seems that just recently I have had some problems with my monitor just shutting down… I mean the computer works fine, it is still running - but the screen goes black and the green power button on the front just flashes green. When it goes off it’s like I have just powered the monitor down.

I cannot figure out the problem. I mean it could be my video card but it seems to be running fine and it’s pretty new, only a few months old. The fan on it is running just fine as well. My monitor is almost 2 years old so I am wondering if that could be the problem but I figured if the green light was still on that wasnt it.

When I turn off the computer though and then power it back up it works fine. Hasent crashed yet since I took the side off and looked around.

What do you guys think? Maybe my fans arent working right and it overheated?

Please, any ideas let me know!

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Anyway, you’re saying your monitor turns off by itself? Also, check to see if you have any Power Saving features turned on, such as Hibernate, Sleep, Standby, etc. You said that the power LED blinks, meaning this may be the case.

You could also try another monitor to see if it does the same thing.

thanks - I thought this would be fine to post in Random - oops! :slight_smile:

Umm… yah, I was thinking about that auto stuff but it would turn on if I moved the mouse, hit a key - anything.

I really dont know if its the monitor or the video card… I wish there was something I could hook the **** thing up to and find out! :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

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Umm… yah, I was thinking about that auto stuff but it would turn on if I moved the mouse, hit a key - anything.
Yeah, that’s the normal function of your power saving options (especially Sleep); your computer will turn off the monitor after periods of idleness. Are you sure that’s not it? It doesn’t turn off while you’re using it does it? If so, then you’ve got a real problem.

it could be your video card overheating. When does it usually happen? I’d say that if it usually happens during games or anything pretty graphics intensive, it’s a heat problem, but if it just happens randomly, it may be a video card that is dying. On all the monitors that I’ve used, when the monitor power light flashes like that, it means that it has lost a signal.

could be bad ram chip

crimped monitor cable

or errant vid card drivers

also could be just a monitor going bad…

normally that is what triggers that sort of behavior beyond just hibernate settings, cause if you are doing something and it happens…that is what is going on.

power settings, your actual monitor going cukoo, video card settings, maybe get them updated./

feed your seals…



i played a game years ago which when i loaded it randomly shut down my monitir but i found just turning the monitor back on was ok

If it only turns the monitor off why do you have to reboot…??