Computer Question

Hello - I have a quick question here.

It seems that just recently I have had some problems with my monitor just shutting down… I mean the computer works fine, it is still running - but the screen goes black and the green power button on the front just flashes green. When it goes off it’s like I have just powered the monitor down.

I cannot figure out the problem. I mean it could be my video card but it seems to be running fine and it’s pretty new, only a few months old. The fan on it is running just fine as well. My monitor is almost 2 years old so I am wondering if that could be the problem but I figured if the green light was still on that wasnt it.

When I turn off the computer though and then power it back up it works fine. Hasent crashed yet since I took the side off and looked around.

What do you guys think? Maybe my fans arent working right and it overheated?

Please, any ideas let me know!