Hello All-

I have an input field with a variable that needs to be displayed within a dynamic text field. I have noticed that when I publish in Flash 8, there is a line break after the variable and I need to sentence to be continuous. This displays without the line break when I set the dynamic text field to “single line;” however, there is about a paragraph of text to be displayed so I need the text to be set to “multiline.” For some odd reason, multiline displays a line break after the variable, whereas “single line” does not.

Here are my variable names -------------->>

Input Field variable name is “userName”.

Dynamic text field variable name is “outputText”.

The sentence to be displayed:

outputText = “”+userName+", and the sentence continues here for a paragraph and so on…"

How can I have the dynamic text field display continuously, without a line break? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks much! :slight_smile: