Dynamic Text Multiline Display

Hey guys.

I am trying to make a dynamic text box in flash 8 that will display text that I create using a function. Like this.

function Messages(words:String) {
    if (i<5) {
        words = (_global.words) + i;
        words = "";
    talker.text = (_global.words1 + _global.words2 + _global.words3 + _global.words4 + words)
    IDInterval = setInterval(resetTalker ,10000);

Maybe you can see what I’m trying to do from this?

In any case. I am trying to make a formula so that when you enter something like:

Messages("Hello World");
Messages("How are you?");

the text

Hello World
How are you?

will appear, on seperate lines.

Can anybody see what and how to do what I’m trying to do?

Thanks =).

P.S. sorry if somebody has posted this, but i did search so … =S