Conceptual design

for the edmonton jazz city music festival.

they wanted a vibrant, high-color site. this is what i came up with as a concept. (only home and artists page are working at this time, and not fully)

i’d appreciate some comments.

wow. it’s really nice. I like it. simple. clean and easy to read/take in the info. is that their official logo, or did you make it up? I think it might be a bit too small… maybe utilise that navy blue space for some of the title.

either way, good work my man, good work. :thumb:

It looks real clean, love the colors. =)

That is very nice… Good job

thanks for the comments guys!

ashphalt: the logo is my own creation, thanks for the comment; i may choose to enlarge it a bit later. :slight_smile:

all the comments have been told…

keep up the good work!!


Looks really nice!


nice job liam :wink:
very vibrant, good use of colors.