Configuring Msn's "Go to Inbox" link

Hey there,

You guys know how when you open your msn window and just above your contact list, it has the link “Go to my inbox” that automatically goes to your hotmail inbox account? (if its not there, go into options and turn it on), would anyone here know how to configure the url link? Instead of going to the hotmail inbox, go to another url.

umm not sure if you can config that, probabaly with reshacker or something, but i do know that you can use PLUS and direct pop mail and other mail from msn messanger.

I don’t think you can actually change the link where it directs to…

Btw, have you received my PM? :beam:

Ohh yeh msgplus :beam: i forgot that I had it installed, ill see :wink: Thanks

Btw, El, I have received your PM, though I wont be able to get to it really soon, maybe this weekend. Hope your arent in a rush for it, are you?

[ot]No man, no problem, besides, I’m still trying to figure it out myself, so there’s not really a rush to it…[/ot]