Constraining Movement >function_move?

I have a split screen view with a large image above and a smaller image underneath.

There is a zoom window over the smaller image that when dragged around shows the larger image above it being moved at the same time (just that it’s bigger uptop)

[COLOR=Navy]**anyways I can’t seem to constrain the movement of the smaller movie clip … right now you can just click and drag it all over the place … and I’ll like for it to stay dragable only over top of the smaller image…

The name of the movie clip is … lilfigure**[/COLOR]

and here is the code in the root.

// The base_mag_factor is the correlation of the small picture to the big picture…
_root.base_mag_factor = 5;
// The mag_factor will change as scaling occurs
_root.mag_factor = _root.base_mag_factor;
//Stop so that this doesn’t reset willy-nilly on us

This function scales the magnifying glass and the bigpicture
It also helps to handle the centering effect on the zoom…
Read the comments on how that happens
function scale_mag (zoom_perc,mag_perc) {

// getting ready for be able to center
start_width = _root.mag._width;
start_height = _root.mag._height;
//scale it all...
_root.figure._xscale = (zoom_perc);
_root.figure._yscale = (zoom_perc);
_root.mag._xscale = (mag_perc);
_root.mag._yscale = (mag_perc);
_root.mag_factor = (zoom_perc/100)*(_root.base_mag_factor);
_root.zoom_ind = zoom_perc; //updates the percentage viewer
// The other half keeps scaling in sync and centers the scaling
// Find out the width and height now
end_width = _root.mag._width;
end_height = _root.mag._height;
// Figure the difference in width and height (x and y)
x_change = start_width - end_width;
y_change = start_height - end_height;
//adjust by half the difference
_root.mag._x = _root.mag._x + x_change/2;
_root.mag._y = _root.mag._y + y_change/2;


Moves the panel inside the viewing window…
It moves opposite the magnifying glass.
This function is also called when scaling occurs
function move_panel () {
//trace (_root.mag_factor);
_root.figure._x = 0 -((_root.mag._x-_root.lilfigure._x)
_root.figure._y = 0 -((_root.mag._y-_root.lilfigure._y)*_root.mag_factor);

Thanks in advance.