Cont HIGH SCORES help!

okay okay… here’s the prob I’m faced with really…

I have a game… and then I have a website in geocities… if I use PHP to host my high scores how do I go about it??? How does it work that when somebody plays it the high scores get retrieved from my geocities site? My server can host PHP… can somebody explain to me in layman’s terms how it works exactly???

Would appreciate it… it seems dumb to say this but I’m up to my neck on this trying to understand this…

Thanks again.

– Kate

Check your private messages for my email address. If you want send me your fla, tell me where you want the high score table to go etc. and I’ll modify your fla.

I’ll email you the PHP script, which you put on your web host server, and tell you other settings you need to make.

It’s very easy to do. And of course if you want, I’ll tell you how it works in an “understandable” manner.

Or I can send you the script, instructions and point you in the right direction…

Whatever you’re comfortable with.