High scores

can anyone help me with high scores?

i just wanted to know if it was possible to make a high score list in my game (e.g top ten scores) just using just flash program.


is that possible???

thanks a bunch.

– kate :slight_smile:

I think using a PHP page to handle this would be the best way, but I am not totally sure…anyone else?

a PHP page???

uhmmmm… is there no way for just Flash to work its magic with it???

would really appreciate it if anybody has anymore
comments/suggestions/violent reactions??? :rambo:

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well you could do it with flash I am sure… youd have to store the score in a var then using if statements determine if it is larger then the lowest score… after that determine where to display it (obviously only if it is larger), and place it in the appropriate dynamic text field ( ie score_4 )
hope this gets you started

I really only said php because of its ease of use and it wont add anything to your swf size - plus I am really enjoying the functionality of php right now with my current projects, so I am kinda partial =) but truthfully FLASH can handle this.


hey! thanks!!! :slight_smile:

at least i know now that it can be done…



now can anyone help me with that???

like tell me of a tutorial or teach me how…

be my yoda!!!


– Kate :stuck_out_tongue:

are you just starting at AS? not trying to belittle you at all! I ask this also because some people dont mind “copy and past” methods of coding while others would rather be shown a direction and helped along the way… I’ll help you out (and prob you’ll be shown a better way anyway by one of our masters here =) ), pretty much do you want to see the code?


also it can be done easily with PHP - are agianst this? if so why?

bottom line for me is I learn… whether it’s cut and paste or walking in the dark towards the light…

could you???

I mean paste the code in???

would appreciate it a whole lot too…

thanks again ryall… :slight_smile:

sorry I just updated my post… about the PHP???


oh so it’s not the Flash way of doing it???

okay could you kindly paste it in anyway?

i’ll see if my mind can handle it…


for anyone who knows of a flash high score thing like ryall said with var and stuff… kindly post… just in case i don’t get the PHP thing.

would appreciate it a whole lot! :slight_smile:

I’ll post some code for you tomorrow - right now I need some sleep. As for your php fears: do not fret - php is simply a page on your server with code (that is similar to C++. Java, etc, any obj orientated language.). Pretty much what would happen (if you chose to use php) is this… flash would collect the data (the score) send it to your PHP page where it would be processed, then the results would be passed back to FLASH to be displayed on your scoreboard. Sounds complicated, but really it is not. I’ll get back to you tomorrow. :slight_smile:


I use a PHP high score table for one of my games. It looks like Ryall will help you out, but if you have no joy and if your web hosts supports PHP, I can help you. I took me under ten minutes to get a highscore table running under PHP (have to add - it was from a tutorial and I didn’t code the PHP myself :cool:.

You have to modify the actionscript, to send and load variables and on the “ok” buttons to stop people from entering nothing, etc. which I can help you with. Anyway, like I said, if you still have probs, let me know.

i’ve thinking about this and I was wondering if it was possible to use just flash and store all my scores and names in a txt file and retrieve it from there…:nerd:

but flex, if you can post the script here and tell me how to do it like what to change and all I would appreciate it greatly…

man this is complex!

– Kate :slight_smile:

First off, does your web host support PHP? If not, the table won’t work.

this tut will do the whole thing for you pretty much… it comes with all the code and all you have to do is costomize it:



yes it does support it…

but first off, how does this PHP work anyway?? can you just give me a lowdown on how this works so I’d have an idea??? do I need to work with any other program other than Flash and PHP like mySQL?

coz’ i’ve been thinking about this idea of mine of just storing it all in a text file… the scores and the names of those people who got them … then everytime a high score is entered it would be retrieved from there… it’s an idea but I don’t know if that works…

thanks flex.

– kate

The one I used was


I haven’t seen the one Ryall has posted, but go with whatever is easier.

ok m looking at both of it right now… :slight_smile:

thanks for the help… will post when m done torturing myself learning it… :slight_smile:

– kate