Container space for externally loading swf

Hello saviour

i am doing a website in which the bgload mc opens externally through the main mc. Now I have some menu buttons on the main mc which load on top of the background.Now I am trying to open one of the menu button swfs (externally loaded as well) in the main menu on top of the same background .
For this i made a new blank mc and wrote this code in it
nav_mc.btn1.onRelease = function() {
_root.loadMovie(“myprofile.swf”, _root.navblank_mc);

where nav_mc is the instance name of the navigation mc, btn1 is button 1, navblank_mc is my blank mc.

Now the problem is how to get myprofile.swf to open in a specific space for it on the stage.( like in a container, where the menu items loaded on the background ) Right now its opening as a whole document, without my background image

please help this is a matter of life n death:(