ContextMenuEvent.MENU_SELECT failure

The Flash Player is supposed to inform your SWF when a user clicks to bring up the context menu in the player. The player sends your SWF a ContextMenuEvent.MENU_SELECT. This is where you can add custom items, etc. We make use of this in our SWF and in a simple test page, it works great. However, once it’s deployed into a huge worldwide website, the event stops getting sent.

Certainly somebody out there knows what host settings can keep the player from sending the event or more likely, block the event from reaching our SWF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I asked over on the Adobe forums and apparently nobody knows anything because we got no response. We bought 5 support calls and called up but found out the support calls are only for using the Flash tool and not true developer support.

Anyhow, if you have any clues on how to debug this I would love to hear them.