Continuing on seperate movie clip

Alright I’m reposting this cause I read the thingy about helps and things. Alright, yesterday I posted: I needed help with:

I have a scene that has a button, when it’s clicked, it goes to the next scene, in this scene there’s 2 movie clips, one starts to play apon entering the scene, then when that one finishes, the next one p[lays…claudio helped me with this and gavbe the basic code for it, then I went in and changed a couple of things in the movie clip to get it to work and it worked (thanks claudio). Well anywho, now I have another problem, the coding he gave me worked for 2 movie clips but I dunno how to make a 3rd movie clip play after the second one…someone please help me, thanks ~ Jay~

here’s the coding claudio gave me:

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
with (panel1) {
if (_currentframe == _totalframes) {

and here’s what I have so far so you guys get more of an idea of what I’m trying to achieve: