Control loaded swf problem

I have a loaded swf via the enpty mc method…the usual.

this loaded swf has 3 frames - “off”, “slow” and “fast” - so depending on whether the user is on the “presentation” page (lots of stuff going on and needs the external swf to be on the “slow” frame)

ok, I have no problem controlling the swf…i can make it go to the frames ok.

heres the problem, when the user is NOT on the presentation page, i need the the loaded swf to be on the “fast” frame.

heres the code i used but doesn’t work as i expected.

pres_playing = false;

this.onEnterFrame = function(){ 
    if(pres_playing == false){
        pres_playing  = true;
    else if(pres_playing == true){
        pres_playing = false;

now i’m not sure if im implementing this correctly…can someone please advise? what i get is - when the user clicks away from the presentation frame to any of the other menu buttons within the main movie - the audio clip in the loaded swf keeps playing from the first frame. however what im trying to get is if the user clicks away from the presentation (to any other menu button), the function knows it and doesn’t start the loaded swf from the start again, it just leaves it alone.

hope that made some sense? thanks for any help guys!!! I’ve been playing with this back and forth for days with no luck.