Control sound in another MC

Ok here is what I’m trying to do. I have 2 flash movies playing on a web page and one has video in it and one is a sound loop.

When the user hits the page with the video I’d like to bring down the sound in the loop. Anyone know how to do this? Is it only possible through javascript?



So you want the loop to play on the video page, but it’s an external swf, that movie containing the sound loop, right ?
Simply use loadMovie to get this I guess.

  1. On the video page create a new movieclip (CTRL+F8), give it any name, then give it an instance name like ‘sound’ (without the quotes).

  2. To load the sound, use this command

[AS]_root.sound.loadMovie(“absolute soundmc location”);[/AS]

[COLOR=BLUE]absolute sound location[/COLOR] has to be replaced by the absolute location (duuh :)) of your sound swf. This would be something like

Hope it helped :slight_smile:

well not really but I’ve decided that I’m going to do all of my sound “stuff” differently…

not going to take this approach… thanks for your help though.