Controling movie clips

I am looking for a way to rewind and play on a movie clip, can anyone help?

Supra explained that somewhere, but I can’t remember it. It had something to do with gotoAndPlay (_currentFrame -1) ; but I can’t get it to work.\rpom

I’ve never gotten this to work either. Most times I crash flash when I try it.\r\rIf I can find any threads from Supra on it, I’ll pass them onto you.\r\rThere may be another way of doing what you are doing though.\r\rWhat is the movie clip that you want to reverse… is it an object moving on the screen? If so, we can find and Action \rScript based method

Wow, great tute here, man. That site flashkit is full of amazing stuff.\…ndex.shtml\r\rpom

You know, I’ll tell you something about this site, I really like it here. I hung out on the other board for a while and didn’t feel at home. People weren’t as friendly, which I know happens when you get that big. But there is a really helpful bunch of people on this board and it’s just great to hang out and learn and have fun here. Your all a wonderful bunch, every one of you. Everyones helpful. And then there are the brains here, people who really have a handle on flash, and some of the things done with flash I had no idea could be done. This thread reminded me of all that. And on top of all that, we are from many nations, speaking many languages, colors of every color under the rainbow. And well, I better stop before I start getting misty. But this is a great board. \r\rpj

I am actualy looking for code to rewind a movie clip, gotoAndPlay (_currentFrame -1) jumps frames by fames and I need a code to rewind through a movie clip smoothly, with out the skipping. I hope I am being clear

Did you try that link Ilyas posted above? I went there and it looks like precisely what you are asking.\r\rpj

Are you wanting to play the movie clip backwards then check out the link at flashkit. if you want to just start the movie clip at the biggining again then all you have to do is tell it where you want to start with out having to “rewind”\r\rGood luck,\rMatt