Controlling Movie Clip with Button

Hi, I am a Flash beginner. I’ve got the following problem:
[font=Helv][size=2]I am doing an animation on the seven-piece Chinese puzzle called “Tangram”. It consists of movie clips showing the solution of each puzzle and three buttons to control the movie clips: “Hint”, “Solution”, and “Next”

Each movie clip has 71 frames, with a key frame every 10 frames, i.e. frame 1, frame 11, frame 21, etc (Every ten frame, a piece of the puzzle positions itself at the right place).

I want the Hint button to tell Flash to go to frame 11 of the movie clip when clicked, then to go to frame 21 when clicked again, etc, until the puzzle is complete. My question is, instead of “nextFrame” as in:

[/size][/font][font=Helv][size=2][color=#ff0000]on (press) {



[/color][/size][/font][font=Helv][size=2]what should the function be? I have tried “nextKeyFrame”, but Flash doesn’t accept it. Could you help me with this? Oh, I forgot, another question:
does Flash allow you to create your own commands. Thanks for helping me.