Controm between separate.swf in Frames

Hi, for my site I am using HTML frames.
1 frame is called “menu” and the other is called “main”.
I am wondering if there is anyway I can control the .swf in “main”
with the .swf in “menu”.

More specifically - would it be possible to set a variable in the .swf contained “menu” and then depending on the value, make the .swf in “main” act in a certain way.

For example set the variable within the .swf in “menu” :


and then do a check within the .swf in “main” :

If my variable==1 {do this}


I havn’t actually tried “just” doing that because I think it will take more. Does anybody know?

I’ve never tried that, nor have I heard of anyone trying it, but that doesnt mean it cannot be done. I have to ask, and I mean no disrespect, if you’re doing this in Flash, why use frames at all? It look like you have a big flash movie on the left and that strip on the right. Why not combine them into one interface?

Just curious.

Regarding using one interface :
2 reasons really, firstly at the time I started creating my site I didn’t know how to use load movie, and my flash skills are not what they are now.
Secondly its much easier to combine just html/javascript pages on 1 site if you use frames.

It’s possible using local Connection, or whatever that stuff was called, or maybe sending variables to the swf (as in “myswf.swf?var1=something” …)
I had a link on that, there’s a fla on flashkit also, if you really need it, i might be able to find it…lemme know…

Ok, here’s the link (with download!):

Awesome thanks for the link, I’ll check it out!

wouldnt it be easy to use a PHP page to pass all the variables and instructions to flash via getURL ? or am I being too simple here, as I am pretty new with PHP.

Yeah I think that could be done, my experience with PHP is virtually non-existant. If you can post code that would work between the two flash files that would be helpfull :slight_smile:

However my current server seems to only support PHP at version 2.2, when most of the good stuff is 3/4. I have had problems getting mailing forms to work in Flash because of that. I have tried using Perl with CGI scripts, but still I can’t get it to work, I’m stumped as to why it doesn’t work… with perl. I may post here shortly about it!

In November I am to a lightning fast server with PHP 4… and its not gonna cost me a penny :slight_smile: