Interacting movies between two different frames of website?

I’m curious if there is anyway to make a variable readable from other flash movies, on the same website, but just in different frames. For example, if one frame was a menu, and the other frame had a picture of some sort, could i program my movie so that if a user clicks on a button on the menu side, the movie on the other side will display a different picture? Just curious…any help appreciated. \r\r-Eric

Good news: yes, you can!\rQuestion: why?\rCoz if all you need the buttons to do is display different frames of the same swf, that basically means the content of the html does not change, so no need to use html-frames in the 1st place!?\rThere is a download on flashkit for this, should be in the complete sites (if that category exists, i don’t remember the filename…

ok ok, i was feeling helpfull 2nite, here’s the link:\r\…/index.php

You’re right, but i forgot to mention that i don’t want it to be in just 1 movie together. Plan is i actually want a menu frame on the left, then to the write it’ll have a header frame with flash, and below it HTML code. So it’s pretty much 3 frames. And i can’t add html directly unto the flash movie the way i have it planned…let’s see if i can draw it out…\r __________________________\r | | |\r | | Header |\r | -----------------\r | Menu | | \r | | HTML |\r | | | \r | | |\r--------------------------------\r\rboom bada boom! When a link on the menu side is clicked, the header will change according to what link u clicked, and the html frame will change to display the contents of the link selected. Maybe this is impossible, i know i can do the html changing part, but it’ll be nifty if i can do the header to change to in flash for a more dynamic effect.\r\r\r-Thx, Eric

alright my lil picture didn’t work as i expected lol…oh and it’s “right” not “write”…i just got done work

Did you check the download at Flashkit, what you want is the exact same thing in there