Cool "jelly" effect thing

Check out this site I’m working on for my final project for a class. The funny thing is that they haven’t taught us flash yet, and the only requirement was to “make a webpage with 3 sub pages and a link to an external page.” you werent even expected to make your own graphics. Well, they gave us like a week to do it so naturally I messesd around flash and made the “gel like” effect at the top of the page (navigation.) I also completely ripped off kirupas random movement style, but its just for a basic example. The site could be about anything you wanted. I guess the “checking” part comes in with do you think the gel effect is cool, or just really lame?

Original, I loved it. All I can say really but great stuff.

It’s great! Can’t stop playing around with it :wink:

i like the nav…

very cool, but where’s your external link? (and on the first part you may want to put instructions in case your teacher doesn’t know what they are supposed to do.

love the jelly effect!
Can you change the alpha of the purple stuff so that it gives hints of the content below?
Its great but sometimes it is nice to see all of the links at a glance!
Heres it a bit clearer:-
when the user rolls over the nav title, the jelly thing starts up and then the alpha of the purple background changes so that you can kinda see the links below but not clearly.

hope this makes sense,
well done, great start on a truly first class site!