?Cool Pic?

Well up until today, the most i have used photoshop for is to do things that basically could be done with Paint, but i started looking at some of the stuff in here and was inspired…so for my first attempt at a piece of photoshop art, could someone give me some feedback on this pic?

God i hate Tripod…


sorry, still not there… :-\

Alright i changed the locations of the pics i want feedback on, so now they are here


thnx hope ya like em

P.S. By the way the first one(redlight.jpg) was made for my desktop BG…to explain why there isnt much on it (i dont like too much of a cluttered background)

Nope, they still aren’t viewable, at least not for me. Try attaching them to the post, using the thingy below.

well this is wierd because those links work perfectly for me :frowning: and the files are too big to attach, oh well one last try

still not coming up, try www.boomspeed.com you can open an account there and post up to 1mb of stuff for boards

Tripod (or just about any other free hosting service) doesn’t allow remote linking of images (or posting them anywhere other than your Tripod pages). The reason they’re showing up for you is because they’re stored in your Browser’s cache. You can overcome their anti-hotlinking by changing your image extentions to .txt. That’s how I have my footer banner stored at Geocities and still use it on this forum (Right click > Properties. You’ll notice it’s a “text” file).

tripod = copy’n’ paste the link, works then and they show here too, messing up the whole layout…

Well i took RenaissanceGirl’s advice and made em txt files, which is a pretty good idea…thnx. But now if it works, after all this fus, you guys are gonna be dissappointed with my pics, hehe. But remember they are my first attempts at anything with photoshop. alright here we go.

Ah, I see u used the always popular lightning effect on this, am i right? :stuck_out_tongue:

not bad… keep working at you photoshop skills, you’ll get it - just practice.

Hey Eilsoe, you’re pretty good with photoshop and the like (or am I assuming here??:stuck_out_tongue: )… ever checked out theroot42.org? I enjoy the forum, but beware if you have thin skin.